Worthington Man Claims $1 Million Powerball Prize

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Teddy Harbert of Worthington has claimed the $1 million Powerball prize from a ticket that was sold at the Circle K in Worthington for the July 30th drawing.

“My daughter called me the morning after the drawing and I realized I had the ticket, however I lost it,” Harbert said. “I had put it in the console of my Jeep and it fell through and I couldn’t find it. Several days went by and I told some of my friends that I had it and couldn’t find it. So, finally I went through the Jeep and was ready to clean it out completely when I found it stuck down the side of the console. That was a relief.”

Harbert, an electrician from Worthington, says he remained calm despite the big win and he is planning to take a trip soon, take care of some family needs and put most of the money back for retirement.

“I never got too excited over it. I remained calm and I have already put most of it back for retirement,” Harbert said. “A buddy and I are going to take a trip to Alaska and I am able to take care of some things now.”

Harbert says he will continue to work and will keep playing the lottery.

“I am still playing,” Harbert said. “I have played the lottery for a long time and I enjoy it. I bought a few tickets the day after I won.”

The Circle K store in Worthington will receive a $10,000 sales bonus for selling the lucky ticket.

West Virginia Lottery players have been on a lucky streak recently. In a little over a month, four tickets worth $1 Million from the Powerball and Mega Millions were sold in West Virginia. In addition Harbert’s Powerball win from July 30, the “Mountaineer 26” won $1 million playing Mega Millions on August 2, Sam and Barbara Ratliff of Elkview won $1 million from the June 25th Powerball drawing, Robert Lane of Fairmont won $1 million from the July 6th Powerball drawing.