Where the Money Goes

The West Virginia Lottery has generated more than $12.4 billion in proceeds for the People of West Virginia!



Schools and Education

More than $3.8 billion to schools and education since 1986.

West Virginia Lottery proceeds improve the educational experience of West Virginia students from pre-school through their college years. Since 1986, West Virginia has invested more $3.8 billion from Lottery proceeds into education. These proceeds have significantly improved West Virginia’s public education system by allowing for new school construction, and renovations, through the State School Building Authority. Lottery proceeds also help support Higher Education, and Community and Technical College bonds. Lottery generated dollars have placed computers and upgraded technology in classrooms across the State through the West Virginia Department of Education.

West Virginia’s high school seniors entering colleges and universities across the State benefit from lottery dollars through the PROMISE Scholarship Fund. In FY 2023, approximately $29.0 million from Limited Video Lottery Revenue was directed to help the PROMISE program reward West Virginia’s best and brightest students with the opportunity to attend an in-state college or university. Since 2002, the West Virginia Lottery has provided nearly $876 million to the PROMISE Scholarship Program and in turn given thousands of West Virginians a college education.  Since 2002, 70,248 West Virginia students have received PROMISE Scholarships.


Senior Citizens

Nearly $1.6 billion to senior programs and services since 1986.

West Virginia Lottery proceeds improve the quality of life of our seniors. Since 1986, the Lottery has generated nearly $1.6 billion in proceeds that have helped the West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services meet the nutritional, health, and long-term care needs of tens of thousands of West Virginia senior citizens. Lottery dollars are used to help provide more than two million meals annually at county nutrition sites and homes statewide. The funding also is used for senior centers, transportation needs, care giving, matching Medicaid funding for senior services, and to fund a property tax credit for seniors.


Tourism and State Parks

Nearly $1.4 billion to tourism and State Parks since 1986.

West Virginia’s scenic natural beauty, and wide-range of outdoor activities, attracts visitors from around the world. Lottery revenue appropriated from gaming sources is used to help the Division of Tourism, the Division of Natural Resources and the State Park Improvement Fund. To date, nearly $1.4 billion in lottery proceeds have been invested in tourism-related areas.