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Date Game Won Name Retailer Location
10/04/2022 KENO BLAST $2,000 DIANA L. GO MART #71 Williamstown, WV
10/04/2022 KENO BLAST $2,000 JUSTICE L. LITTLE GENERAL #7595 Crawley, WV
09/26/2022 KENO BLAST $2,000 JOSHUA S. Par Mar Oil #184 Lewisburg, WV
09/19/2022 KENO BLAST $2,000 BRIAN B. GO MART #11 Morgantown, WV
08/24/2022 KENO BLAST $2,000 DANIEL S. Walmart Supercenter Fuel Kiosk Lewisburg, WV
07/29/2022 KENO BLAST $2,000 STEVEN M. NBS SMOKEHOUSE #28 Fairmont, WV
06/30/2022 KENO BLAST $2,000 ERIC R. LITTLE GENERAL #2150 Alderson, WV
06/28/2022 KENO BLAST $75,000 TRAVUS O. DEERFIELD EXPRESS Fairmont, WV
06/13/2022 KENO BLAST $2,000 MARY M. Par Mar Oil #120 Blacksville, WV
05/23/2022 KENO BLAST $10,000 KENNETH D. 7-ELEVEN #36167A Chester, WV
05/17/2022 KENO BLAST $2,000 JOSEPH E. CJ'S PUB Danville, WV
05/16/2022 KENO BLAST $75,000 BRADLEY D. PAR MAR #16 Saint Albans, WV
05/05/2022 KENO BLAST $2,000 ROBIN P. TUNNELTON QUIK STOP, LLC Tunnelton, WV
04/26/2022 KENO BLAST $2,000 CHRISTINA B. LITTLE GENERAL #2240 Princeton, WV
04/14/2022 KENO BLAST $10,000 CINDY S. LITTLE GENERAL #5102 Hurricane, WV
03/21/2022 KENO BLAST $2,000 ALISHA D. SHEETZ #604 Morgantown, WV