Rules for Scratch Off Games

Claim Period
All instant cash prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the announced end of the game. Any prize not claimed within the period specified herein and in the manner specified on the back of the ticket shall be forfeited.

Ticket Responsibility

  • An Instant Game ticket is a bearer instrument, until signed on the back by the owner.
  • The Lottery shall not be responsible for lost or stolen Instant Game tickets.
  • The Lottery shall not be responsible for tickets claimed by a player in error for a lower prize at a Retailer.

In the event a dispute between the Lottery and the ticket bearer occurs as to whether the ticket is a winning ticket, and if the ticket prize is not paid, the Director may, solely at his/her option, replace the disputed ticket with an unplayed ticket of equivalent sales price from any current Lottery game. This shall be the sole and exclusive remedy of the bearer of the ticket (except as otherwise may be provided by law, rules or regulations). Additionally, the Director may refrain from making payment of the prize pending a final determination by the West Virginia Lottery Commission or by a court of competent jurisdiction.

Governing Law
In purchasing a ticket, the customer agrees to comply with and abide by the West Virginia Law, all Game Rules and final decisions of the Lottery, and all procedures and instructions established by the Lottery or the Director for the conduct of the game.

Purchase and Prize Restrictions
No Instant Game ticket may be purchased by, and no prize shall be paid to an officer or employee of the Lottery, or of any contractor or subcontractor who is involved in the production of Instant Game tickets for this game, or any member of their immediate household.

Termination of the Game
The Director, at any time, may announce a termination date for the Game, on which date no further tickets shall be sold.

Retailer Conduct

  • Retailers must sell their tickets in ticket order within each pack.
  • Retailers are prohibited from exchanging books with other Retailers.
  • Retailers are prohibited from playing the tickets using any method other than fair chance, or any method that is contrary to the principle that every ticket has an equal and random chance of winning.