Winners Regret Not Picking Powerplay Option

The West Virginia Lottery’s Powerball drawing Sept. 23 caused for mixed emotions from two big winners.

Both winners won their prizes on the same day from tickets purchased at the same retail chain, according to Lottery Director John Musgrave.

Ronald Fletcher of Charles Town is painfully aware that had he purchased the PowerPlay option for a dollar extra, he would now have $1 million, instead of $200,000. He bought the winning ticket at Sheetz on East Washington in Charles Town.

And Eric Alston of Rosedale, MD, says he understands exactly how Fletcher feels, but for different reasons. Alston said he forgot to mark PowerPlay on the ticket that won $10,000, but won $50,000 on the second ticket that had the option correctly marked.

Since “5” was the PowerPlay multiplier drawn, Alston’s $10,000 prize on the second ticket moved up to a $50,000 prize check. “I’m just glad I didn’t forget it on both of them. At least I have $60,000, instead of $20,000.” He said the tickets were purchased from Sheetz on Apple Harvest Drive in Martinsburg.

Fletcher, 28, said he only plays Powerball once or twice a month and uses the Easy Pick method of choosing numbers. He plans to pay off his car and invest the remainder of the prize.

Alston, 42, is married with one son. He said he and his wife will pay bills and complete remodeling their home.

Both winners said they plan to keep PowerPlay front of mind when buying their next tickets.