West Virginia Joins Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement (MSIGA)

West Virginia has officially joined Delaware, Michigan, Nevada, and New Jersey in the execution of the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement (MSIGA), allowing West Virginia based online poker players the ability to play against players from other member jurisdictions.

“I am pleased that our West Virginia iGaming providers will now have the opportunity to offer multi-state poker to our players,” says West Virginia Lottery Director John Myers. “This will greatly increase the potential pool of participants and thus allow our players to play for bigger winnings.”

West Virginia iGaming Service Providers interested in offering multi-state poker will have to submit a letter of intent to the Lottery and gain necessary approvals from West Virginia and other relevant member states before going live.

The Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement was entered into by the States of Nevada and Delaware in 2014, following the passage of Assembly Bills Nos. 114 and 360 in Nevada during the 77th Session of the Nevada Legislature, in order to share liquidity among patrons participating in legal forms of online gaming within the geographic boundaries of the two jurisdictions. In 2017, New Jersey became party to the Agreement, followed by Michigan in 2022.

The Multi-State Internet Gaming Association LLC, a Delaware corporation, manages the affairs of member states that are party to the Agreement. Currently, Michigan, Nevada, and West Virginia offer online poker to member states. While Delaware and New Jersey currently offer online poker, the jurisdictions have the ability to offer a full array of online gaming.

The purpose and business of the Multi-State Internet Gaming Association LLC is to carry out the terms of the Multi-State Internet Gaming
Agreement and oversee the operation by the Member States of multi-state internet gaming operations pursuant to the terms of the Multi-State
Internet Gaming Agreement.