Retired Beckley Principal Wins $200,000 Powerball Prize

Carlton Claytor, 59, of Beckley, said he did not know he could have won $1 million automatically by choosing the $1 PowerPlay option at the time he bought his $200,000 winning Powerball ticket. “But you know what? Neither did we become disheartened because we missed the $34 million jackpot by just one number. My wife and I were tickled to death over $200,000 . . . we just feel so very blessed.”

A retired principal in the Raleigh County school system, Claytor and his wife have two grown children and two grandchildren. “We plan to help them out, plus pay some bills and give to our church,” Claytor said.

Lottery Director John Musgrave said Calytor bought his winning ticket from Eagle’s Convenience on Harper Road in Beckley. The winner said he bought only one ticket for the October 16 drawing, “as a matter of fact, I only buy about 10 a year.”