Ravencliff Resident Wins $35,000 Lottery Prize; Charleston Resident Claims $25,000

Mike Sydenstricker, 48, of Charleston, today (Nov. 15) claimed a $25,000 cash prize from the West Virginia Lottery’s Cash25 drawing, according to WV Lottery Director John Musgrave. In addition, he said Gregory Sizemore, 21, of Ravencliff, claimed a $35,000 prize from the instant game Press Your Luck.

Neither winner has had any problem finding ways to spend their prizes. In auto sales, Sydenstricker said he finds that all people seem to have the same concerns and problems. “I have a son who just finished college and needed equipment to start a business. And then there’s taxes, IRS and state. I’ve paid up some taxes I owe, which felt pretty good.”

With one small child and another due in January, Sizemore said, “I have my work cut out for me.” The Wyoming County coal miner said he has already bought himself a new vehicle. “Mine was pretty rough.”

Sydenstricker bought his winning ticket for the drawing held Nov. 8 drawing at One Stop in Charleston; Sizemore purchased his ticket from 7-Eleven in Oceana.

Musgrave said there were six top $35,000 prizes included in Press Your Luck when the game was introduced Oct. 4. He noted that three remain to be claimed, including $1.2 million in cash prizes.