Powerball Jackpot Raises Again, Up to $825 Million

OCTOBER 28, 2022


Charleston, W.Va. – Due to continued high volume of play and more unmatched numbers, the Powerball jackpot has reached $825 million ahead of Saturday’s drawing, the second largest in Powerball history. The cash value is slated at $410.2 million.

The jackpot also ranks 5th largest in U.S. lottery history, and has reached its highest point of 2022 as it continues to climb, up 25 million from Thursday’s estimate and 125 million from Wednesday’s drawing.

“We are excited in the Lottery world with all of these high jackpots,” Assistant Director Randy Burnside said. “This is a lively time, but we do want to encourage all players to have fun, but also, play responsibly.”

The drawing will be the 37th in the current jackpot run. In Wednesday’s drawing, players won more than $21.2 million in lower-tier cash prizes.

Tickets for Monday’s Powerball drawing can be purchased at any West Virginia Lottery retailer for $2 apiece, or $3 with the Power Play option, which increases your non-jackpot prizes.

All tickets must be purchased by 9:59 p.m. ET Saturday.

To play, choose five numbers ranging from 1 to 69 and one Power Ball number from 1 to 26.