Lottery Pays $175,000 To Four Winners

The West Virginia Lottery today paid $175,000 in prizes to four winners, according to Lottery Director John Musgrave.

He said Roy Rasnake, 76, of Panther claimed a top $50,000 prize from the instant game Holiday Slots. The ticket was purchased from 3-Way Superstore in Iager.

A $50,000 prize was also claimed by Julia Adkins, 53, from the instant game Classic Slots. A resident of Sias, Adkins bought her winning instant ticket from Fas Chek in Salt Rock.

In addition, Musgrave said Joshua Roy, 31, of Elkins, won the top $25,000 cash prize in the Cash25 drawing held Oct. 19. The Easy Pick ticket was purchased at Dairy Mart in Elkins.

Joseph Nutter, 73, of Lost Creek, claimed a $40,000 prize from the Powerball drawing held Nov. 18. Nutter bought his winning ticket from B&S One Stop in West Milford.

Particularly enthused, Nutter said his $10,000 prize rolled to $40,000 the minute a four-ball was drawn as the PowerPlay multiplier. “For a second, I forgot I’d paid the dollar extra for PowerPlay, and then I got excited all over again. It’s probably the best dollar I’ve ever spent.”