Long-time West Virginia Lottery Director Wins Top Prize – Retirement

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – West Virginia Lottery Director John C. Musgrave announced today that he has elected to retire effective October 31, 2015. Musgrave said that his decision to retire came after much thought and many emotions. “I have been very blessed to serve the Lottery and the State of West Virginia for so many years,” said Musgrave. “And, I am very grateful to have had the confidence of four Governors, loyal staff and the Legislature whom have entrusted me to lead the Lottery through more than half of its 30-year history. I will leave with a heavy heart.”

Musgrave has served as the Lottery Director for the State of West Virginia for more than 19 years and has more than 24 years of state service. During his tenure at the Lottery he has had consecutive appointments by four different Governors, including his first appointment in April 1997 by Gov. Cecil Underwood, followed by Gov. Bob Wise, former West Virginia Governor and U.S. Senator Joe Manchin, and his current appointment under Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin. Musgrave has also served as Acting Cabinet Secretary of Revenue in 2003-06, 2010-11, and was again appointed as Deputy Secretary of Revenue in 2013 and has continued to serve in this position with oversight for the Alcohol Beverage Control Administration (ABCA), Athletic Commission, Racing Commission and the Lottery.

From fiscal year 1997 to 2015, Musgrave has led the Lottery in generating more than $20.6 Billion in sales and more than $8.2 Billion in proceeds to the state to support Seniors, Education and Tourism; things which he says have been a major catalyst behind his dedication to the Lottery. “West Virginia is one of the most beautiful states in the United States, and knowing that my position has directly helped to preserve and enhance the cornerstones of West Virginia has been one of my greatest personal accomplishments and something that has given me unmatched satisfaction during my career.”

Musgrave’s passion for being on the cutting edge of gaming across the U.S. has positioned West Virginia as a leader in the Lottery industry, with West Virginia being one of the first Lotteries in the U.S. to implement and regulate casino operations in addition to its traditional gaming. Musgrave led the Lottery through a paradigm shift in 1994 with the addition of Video Lottery, Limited Video Lottery in 2001, and Table Games in 2003. The successful implementation of these programs collectively set the largest milestone in West Virginia Lottery history when the Lottery reached its first year of record sales totaling more than a billion dollars in 2003. Under Musgrave’s leadership, the Lottery has continued to generate revenue above the $1 Billion milestone.