Fayetteville Resident Wins Double Cash25 Prize

Every week Karen Chambers of Fayetteville buys two West Virginia Lottery Cash25 tickets bearing the same numbers, “a combination of my birthday, my daughter’s birthday and some filler numbers.”

Last night (Nov. 17), the practice paid off to the tune of $50,000; Chambers couldn’t have been more excited.

“My daughter took off work just to come with me. I was watching the drawing on TV and looking at my ticket at the same time, but had to look another several times before I actually believed what I saw.”

Lottery Director John Musgrave said Chambers bought her ticket from Sherry’s in Fayetteville. The winning numbers were 2-6-10-18-19 and 20.

Chambers said she turned 54 Oct. 6 and her daughter celebrated 33 years on Oct. 30. “I guess that makes this a double prize for double birthdays.”

While her daughter urged her to get a new car, Chambers said she’ll settle for fix-ups. “I need new tires, and the wipers haven’t worked for three years. I also have some bills I need to pay off.”

Employed at Dollar General, Chambers said she won a $250 Cash25 prize two years ago.