Fairmont Resident Claims $25,000

Wilbur Smith, 68, of Fairmont has claimed the West Virginia Lottery’s latest $25,000 top prize in the Cash25 game, according to Lottery Director John Musgrave.

Employed by Novellis Aluminum in Fairmont, Smith said he won $2,500 a few years ago “and put that into investments, which is what I plan to do with this.”

Smith’s wife Suzy said her husband has always been “a saver,” and has always had a sense of humor. “When he told me he’d won $25,000, I thought he might be joking, but realized he wouldn’t joke about something like that.”

Smith bought his winning ticket from Go Mart 82 on Fairmont Ave. for the Cash25 drawing held June 29. He chose the “Easy Pick” method of play whereby the retailer’s lottery terminal randomly picks the numbers.

They were 2-6-8-11-12 and 25.