Coal Miner Wins $250,000 Playing Mega Millions®

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – West Virginia Lottery Director John C. Musgrave announced today that James Prokop of Danville, W.Va., has claimed a $250,000 Mega Millions® prize for matching five numbers from the June 19th drawing.

Prokop, a coal miner, bought the winning ticket at Little General #5120 in Danville and missed only the Mega Ball number. His selected the easy pick option when purchasing his ticket.

“I can’t believe this,” Prokop said. “I stopped by the store on my way to work to check the tickets and the woman ran it through the machine and it said congratulations and that I would have to go to Charleston to claim my winnings. She thought I won $250,000, but I still didn’t believe it and told her that it has to be a mistake. It didn’t really sink in that I won this much until getting here (Lottery Headquarters) and having the person (in validations) tell me.”

Prokop then called his girlfriend, Gloria, and told her he was going to Charleston instead of work.

“I asked him if he was hurt or something,” Gloria said. “He said no, I think I won the lottery. So, I told him to come pick me up on his way.”

The veteran coal miner says he already has a plan for his winnings.

“I want to get myself debt free and enjoy my pay checks,” Prokop said. “I owe some on my truck and my home so I am going to be debt free and put some of it back for my retirement.”