Quick 10 Bonus Jackpot

*Experience the fun and excitement of playing a Scratch Off game right here on your computer or mobile device! Left click on your mouse and move it back and forth over the above ticket to scratch. This is for testing purposes only! No actual prizes shall be awarded from this online voided sample game.


Ticket Price $10
Prize $1,000
Overall Odds 1:6.95
Total tickets in game 502,200
Launch Date 03/28/2018
Game Number 956
Game Status EXPIRED
End Date 01/02/2019
Claim Deadline 07/01/2019
How to Play Reveal a "BAR", win 20 TIMES the prize for that game.
Reveal a "BAG", win 10 TIMES the prize for that game.
Reveal a matching pair of numbers in a single game, win prize for that game.
BONUS: Reveal a matching pair of numbers, win prize for BONUS.
BONUS is played separately.


Prize information no longer available.