Crossword Connection

*Experience the fun and excitement of playing a Scratch Off game right here on your computer or mobile device! Left click on your mouse and move it back and forth over the above ticket to scratch. This is for testing purposes only! No actual prizes shall be awarded from this online voided sample game.


Ticket Price $2
Prize $8,000
Overall Odds 1:4.25
Total tickets in game 1,006,600
Launch Date 05/27/2013
Game Number 706
Game Status EXPIRED
End Date 01/04/2014
Claim Deadline 07/03/2014
How to Play 1) Scratch and reveal all of YOUR 18 LETTERS.
2) For each letter in the YOUR 18 LETTERS box, scratch
that same letter each time it is found in the
3) If you have correctly marked three (3) or more words in
the CROSSWORD, you win the prize shown in the prize
legend. Only one prize can be claimed per CROSSWORD
• There are three letters in addition to your letters that
appear under the scratch-off coating on the ticket.
These are smaller in size than your 18 letters and are
not your letters to be used in playing the game.
• A “word” must contain at least three (3) letters.
• A “word” cannot be formed by linking letters
diagonally or from bottom to top.
• A “word” must appear in an unbroken horizontal or
vertical string of letters, which cannot be interrupted
by a blank space and must contain every single letter
between two blank spaces or the edge of the game
and a blank space.
• The possible complete words for this ticket are shown
in the CROSSWORD area. Each possible complete
word consists of three or more letters and occupies a
complete unbroken word string.
• Every single letter must be included to form the
“word” and those letters must be revealed in the


Prize information no longer available.