Huntington And Cross Lanes Residents Claim $25,000 Cash25 Prizes

Charley Parrish, 65, a retired postal service worker, today claimed a $25,000 Cash25 prize at the Lottery’s office in Charleston, according to Lottery Director John Musgrave.

The Cross Lanes grandfather of four won his prize in the drawing held March 3 from a ticket purchased at Go Mart in Cross Lanes. The numbers were “easy pick,” a method whereby the retailer’s lottery terminal automatically chooses a player’s numbers.

Asked how he would spend his prize money, Parrish said the decision was made for him. “I’d like to leave town, but the wife says we have to put in hard floors and finish a lot of other repairs on the house.”

The second player to claim a Cash25 top prize was Michael Maack, 44, of Huntington. Maack purchased his winning ticket from Cheaper Cigs in Huntington for the drawing held February 10.

The winning numbers were picked at random by the winner.