Flurry Of Winners; Cash25; Classic Slots

Three top Cash25 prizes totaling $75,000 have been claimed this week at the West Virginia Lottery’s office in Charleston, according to Lottery Director John Musgrave.

He said nine of the game’s top prizes have been claimed since Jan. 1, for a total of $225,000.

And on the instant game side of big winnings, Musgrave said six top $50,000 prizes have been claimed from Classic Slots since the first of the year, for a total of $300,000.

Lottery records indicate Jackline Browning, 72, of Scott Depot, purchased her $25,000 Cash25 ticket at 7-Eleven for the drawing held March 19.

Patricia Fournier, 61, of Mastontown, won the game’s top prize on March 9 from a ticket she bought at BFS Foods, and Daniel Bailey, 61, a disabled veteran from Harper, won the third $25,000 prize claimed this week, from a ticket he purchased at Little General for the drawing held March 25.

Fournier and Bailey both picked their own numbers; Browning’s ticket was “Easy Pick,” a method whereby a lottery terminal automatically picks numbers for players.

The Classic Slots instant game has rolled in six top $50,000 winners since Jan 1. Musgrave said they include Katherine Cole of Martinsburg, Justin Fury of Davisville, Branford Gaskin of Mullens, Gloria Guy of Sheperdstown, Nora Hager of Glen Daniel, and Robert Zastawniak of Belington.

Of the 37 $50,000 prizes included in the game when it was introduced in October, Musgrave said 26 of the game’s top prizes remain to be claimed, totaling $1.3 million.