Clarksburg Couple Win Travel Keno At Separate Places On The Same Evening; South Charleston Woman Win

Rick and Cathy Goings of Clarksburg share everything, including lottery luck.

Both of them have claimed prizes in excess of $4,000 from the West Virginia Lottery’s Travel Keno game played on April 22. Using the same set of Travel Keno numbers, Rick won $4,525 at Hot Spot Lounge in Clarksburg, while Cathy won $4,504 at The Fifth Floor in Clarksburg, according to West Virginia Lottery Director John Musgrave.

In addition, Musgrave said that Brenda Lou Bailey of South Charleston has claimed a $50,000 prize from the Lottery’s instant game Strike It Rich. He said the ticket was purchased from 7-Eleven on Oakwood Road in Charleston.

For their part, the Goings’, who own The Fifth Floor, said that Cathy has her own numbers representing their anniversary and family birth dates. “Sometimes I jump on her coat tail and play as well,” said Rick. “When she and her friends were in Las Vegas, they were winning nothing and I was here winning Keno jackpots on Cathy’s numbers.”

As it happened, on April 22 Cathy was at The Fifth Floor, while Rick stopped by Hot Spot on his way to meet her. “I played Cathy’s numbers before leaving to get her, only to find her all enthused at The Fifth Floor over winning the same drawing with the same numbers, excepting that one of us played the bonus.”

Asked how business was, Rick said, “Great. We had a no-smoking ban in Harrison County for a while. The health department rescinded it, but Cathy and I decided to leave our lounge non-smoking. You just wouldn’t believe the positive comments we have had; we’ve actually picked up a lot of new patrons.”