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Illegal Lottery and Scams

Illegal Lotteries
Scam operators around the world target random e-mail accounts with messages telling recipients they've won a lottery prize. These scammers are on the hunt for one of two things - cash and/or personal information. They will ask for "upfront processing fees" or access to your bank account so funds can be wired. Agreeing to either of these contingencies is a recipe for disaster, and the number of people who have lost huge sums of money to these scams continues to grow.

Before you respond to ANY e-mail or letter about a foreign lottery win, ask yourself this question:

How can I win a lottery or sweepstakes if I've never bought a ticket or do not know that I entered?

With identity theft a real threat in the marketplace, do not give your personal information to anyone. Check out this website with information from the federal government about lottery scams by visiting the Federal Trade Commission.

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